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"Evolution of a Lady"

"Evolution of a Lady" is Theresa's 10th single release in two years. The song is the theme to Theresa's music and personal evolution, which she began in January of 2019 when she decided to reignite her passion to pursue pop stardom as she approached her 40th birthday. The song itself has evolved over the last 15 years, as Theresa wrote a previous incarnation of the song in her mid-twenties called, "Portrait of a Lady". Yet as Theresa started to evolve as a songwriter, she re-examined the chorus, bridge, and overall song style alongside frequent collaborators Mike Cash (Electric Bodega, PVLM CITY) and Jesse Blum (TwentyOne Pilots, Nas). "I always loved 'Portrait of a Lady' and felt that it really helped communicate my story," says Theresa. "However, as I've grown as an artist and a woman, a lot of the lyrical content and overall style wasn't resonating with me. It was really magical how this version of the song came along and it's become a personal anthem to myself to remain confident and strong. I am proud of my evolution and encourage others to take pride in their own journeys. Only when we can accept who we've been, who we are and where we might be headed is when our true evolution begins".

"Evolution of a Lady" is available across all digital streaming platforms available NOW!

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