Behind the Song

Deep Blue Something

"Don't Stop"

“Don’t Stop” is where we finally give in to our earliest influences... I wrote it during the lock down and it was originally a bit more guitar oriented. Since we were all separated from each other, I expanded the demo more than I normally would have, and the song just didn’t ‘feel’ right. I decided to fire up the old Roland Juno-6 and sync the arpeggiator to the click track, thinking it might work if the intro was a bit like “Quiet Life” by Japan... Suddenly it began to come together, and with the chorus repeating “Don’t Stop” over and over, it seemed like the song itself wanted us to keep pushing that direction. So we did. The result is an amalgam of all those bands that made us want to start a band in the first place—Xymox, Comsat Angels, Psychedelic Furs . . . and of course Japan." - Todd Pipes

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