Behind the Song

Neon Trees

"Holiday Rock"

"As early as I can remember, when I think of the holidays, I think of Christmas music and my Mom, decorating the house to the nines, making sure our house felt the holiday warmth. I wanted to capture that feeling of cheer that my Mom always seemed to invoke around the holiday season, no matter the year, no matter the struggles: we were going to have Christmas! I wanted to use that classic holiday song template. Simple and feel good, and a bit nostalgic. That's what we hope Holiday Rock brings you when you listen. Have a little extra egg nog, make peace with an old flame, kiss someone new under the mistletoe. Somehow even in the worst of times, the holidays bring a sense of joy, and help soothe the broken hearted. That's the essence of this track, and we hope you enjoy for seasons to come." - Tyler Glenn, Neon Trees

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