Behind the Song

Rhett Repko

"Late Nights"

"Late Nights" wasn't written to be a single. I had a feel-good upbeat melody I was working on while at the piano and would keep playing it for fun over a few weeks. I eventually decided I might as well get a recording of it and started to add the band parts to it. I wasn't trying to be modern or edgy with this song as I felt it didn't need to be. It was more about keeping the arrangement honest and guitar based so you could focus more on the lyrics. After doing the final recording in Nashville I just couldn't believe how alive the song sounded, especially the way the drums would kick in on those big choruses. Another favorite element of mine on this song is that when the solo comes, instead of a crazy electric guitar solo you get a more heartfelt acoustic guitar solo. The song just has a lot of heart to me and I felt it would be a good change-up from the usual darker themed singles that I tend to release." - Rhett

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