Behind the Song

Velvet Corgi ft. Joe Romersa

"Fool For Tryin'"

Songwriting for Joe Romersa is simply the art of storytelling. While all Romersa's songs are inspired by some real-world event unique to him, they portray universal emotions and feelings. Fool For Tryin' is no different. Having recently come off a tour opening for acts like Firefall, Southside Johnny, and Jefferson Starship, Romersa found himself drumming for a local Los Angeles cover band to pay the bills. Fool For Tryin' is a nod to not only unrequited love but the struggles of establishing a career as a working musician. The lyrics "what the hell, I'm in love with a perfect stranger, all the signs that I see say I lose; still, I try, and I try to get closer to you" are as much about an elusive woman as they are about the challenges of making it as a working musician. Fool For Tryin' would be the first of many original songs Romersa wrote for the band. But the band's success performing its original music would ultimately lead to its demise. The painful truth is that even in Los Angeles, the world's entertainment capital, bands get paid to perform someone else's music. They work for free when they play their own. Under the Lucky 88 Music label, Romersa's song Fool For Tryin was finally recorded and released to the world. Performed by Velvet Corgi and featuring Joe Romersa, Fool For Tryin' is available now on all streaming platforms. Romersa may still be a fool for tryin', but he keeps writing music the only he can.

Stream it Here!

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