Behind the Song

Margo Rey "This Holiday Night"

"How was I to know that whilst hiking in the hills of Montecito, CA on a sunny July day the melodic seed was planted for what was to become a Yuletide classic, my song, "This Holiday Night". I began to hum a sweet waltzing melody and became nostalgic for some time with my family and friends. I imagined the mountains around me covered in snow and envisioned a picturesque holiday landscape. I remembered the seemingly eternal wait I had as a child for the holidays to begin. I could almost feel the crisp ribbons and wrapping of gifts in my hands and the delicate aroma of my family's baking. The rituals, the laughter and the warmth of hugs from so many loved ones. Before I knew it the song was written. May "This Holiday Night" be the soundtrack to your season and may you spread Peace, Love & Joy throughout the year.

- Margo Rey

Listen to Margo Rey on Spotify Here!

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