Behind the Song

Helen O'Shea ft. Mike Montrey

"Fairytale Of New York"

"Fairytale Of New York" by The Pogues & Kirsty MacColl (RIP) is always a sign that Christmas is coming in Ireland - however the original version is not always played in the US because of some of the language in the song. Helen O'Shea has always wanted to create a version of this special song that could reach wider audiences worldwide...

On a Sunday in October, during the pandemic, Helen O'Shea suddenly realized that there was no point in delaying her special dream project any longer, given the year that was in it... It just felt like the right time to finally make it happen! When her first call to her longtime friend, producer and cowriter Marc Swersky resulted in a favorable (not "you are crazy") response and her second call to her friend and admired songwriter Mike Montrey was met with a resounding yes to her special project, the wheels were already in motion, rounded out by her husband Paul O'Shea's warning "If you are actually going to do this, you'd better not screw it up!" And that was how a month later, on a Sunday in November, the "special project" team assembled at Sound On Sound Studios in Montclair to create the New Jersey arrangement of Helen O'Shea's favorite Christmas song - a veritable Christmas anthem in her home country of Ireland - "Fairytale Of New York"

Stream "Fairytale Of New York" Here!

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