Behind the Song


"How To Touch A Lady"

"I wrote "How To Touch A Lady" when I was living and working in NYC, and 100% my personal experience. I had a ton of trouble falling asleep one night, and the lyrics and melody of the first verse just popped into my head. When I finished writing the song the next day, I played it for a few close family members and I'll never forget, my mom and sister were immediate fans. When we had most of my vocals recorded, we played it back. I looked up at the ceiling in the studio and got choked up- I was so moved by the song and what I created with Joey Auch my Producer. Still today, the song moves me. Brings me back to everything I was thinking and feeling when I wrote it. It's a very personal song for me. It's vulnerable which scares me, but I'm proud of it and what I felt when I wrote it. I'm proud to share it knowing so many people can probably relate. Thank you for giving the opportunity to tell my story and would love to hear peoples thoughts." - KATH

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