Behind the Song

Omar Feliciano

"Family Anchor"

"Family Anchor was sadly inspired by the passing of a friend’s father. The description of his father’s character, person, and family relationship via a public post on social media touched me deeper than I can ever express in words. I took all that emotion erupting from that moment and decided to work on a song. I didn’t really know what would come out of it, but I did know that I wanted this new song to be as special and honest as his description and words felt. So, I reached for some blank sheets of paper, my pencils, an eraser, and this time I didn’t reach for my acoustic guitar but instead for my ukulele and harmonica. After finding and feeling out the chords that I felt would best carry out the message and essence of the song I began working, writing, and rewriting the lyrics. A few days later I scheduled some studio time. The song was brought into full fruition at Audio Pilot Studio in New Jersey with the help and assistance of friend and musician/engineer and producer Robert Freeman. With his help the song took on a bunch of other elements and with his guidance was driven into a sonic dynamic that really made it feel even more wholesome and heartfelt. The music video for Family Anchor was directed and produced by musician and videographer Danilo Cordova and features New York City based actress, musician, and singer Abby Gumpper. Family Anchor is the first single being showcased from a new full-length album being released under my own name (Omar Feliciano) later this year titled, House of Aragon." - Omar

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