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Behind the Song

BrandiWyne ft. Michael Cagle

"Underneath It All"

"Underneath it all was a song originally written by Lindsay Vinarsky. At the time I was looking for something that I could Collab with that would show that love isn't always as cut and dry as what it seems. When I came across this song I knew it has the potential to be something that could portray what I wanted to say in a way that would be easily heard. When the initial solo version of the song was complete , My mentor and friend Michael Cagle listened to it. He is a longtime professional singer, and I was interested on his take. He immediately responded that would make an outstanding duet which could show both sides of a relationship. Michael then went to work making the song into a duet, not just adding harmonies, but bringing another character to life. His suggestions managed to keep the integrity of the song, while adding a bit more passion, and a completely different and new perspective. We could not be more thrilled with the finished product! The song Underneath It All now truly represents how miscommunication can cause a relationship to fall apart even if there's love on both sides. In February of 2022, Michael took the duet to the record label he is signed with, World Movement Records, and Lamont Patterson wanted to immediately release it under the label." - BrandiWyne

Stream the Song Here!

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