Behind the Song

Trisha & Thara

"Too Late Again"

"The song is about people not following through with their previous commitments, being shady and flaky, written from a boy-girl perspective where the girl is wondering what's going through the guy's head and giving him multiple chances even with his ongoing excuses. The track is not based on a single personal experience, but a frustrating relationship a friend went through." In 2021 Trisha & Thara's original soulful ballads "You Used To Be" and "Regret," have amassed over 100,000 Spotify streams and have appeared on dozens of influential playlists. Their influences include Ed Sheeran, One Direction and Taylor Swift. "Too Late Again" has pointed conversational lyrics everyone, from teenagers to adults who have been through the experience, can relate to. The sisters bring a unique array of schooling and live performing experience in multiple genres to the edgy pop vibe they create." - Trisha & Thara

Stream the Song Here!

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