Behind the Song

Kris "Halo" Pierce ft. Tijen Najarian

"Blue Flower"

"Blue Flower was the last of ten album tracks that I had the opportunity to write with Jason Bazinet this last year. For over a decade, Jason was the touring drummer for one of my favorite bands, Front Line Assembly, and having the opportunity to write an album with him was really meaningful to me. I've been listening to FLA since high school, so over 25 years. Blue Flower almost didn't make it onto the album because it was such a big departure from the rest of the material, but then my wife showed me a demo from a family friend, and I was floored by what I heard. Tijen came over to my studio in New Jersey and we laid most of the vocals tracks in one session. She was so professional and so talented that we ended up using even the scratch tracks; I couldn't believe she wasn't signed to a label already. We've gelled really well together, we both come from a live theatre background, and now she is learning the other songs so we can take the show on the road. By the end of the month, we'll be shooting a music video with an award-winning director with Broadway credits, and I'm really excited to have a fun, summer-vibe song and video to usher in the full album." - Kris "Halo" Pierce

For More on Kris "Halo" Pierce, use the link Here!

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