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Behind the Song

Chloé Caroline


"GEMINI was inspired originally by my own realization that there was a trend in who I was continuously attracting, it was more often than not Gemini's, especially when it came down to romantic relationships. Coincidentally enough, as an Aquarius, most astrologists pair us together. As I dove more into astrology (and self discovery) I started noticing not only the trends within my friendships and relationships, but in asking others about theirs as well. I became fascinated by the traits, commonalities, compatibility etc. between various signs and I was surprised there wasn't a song playing on those stereotypes. As a very intuitive person, my party trick is being very good at guessing people's signs which is partially where the line "I bet you're a Gemini" came from. Gemini's are also one of the more notorious signs, mainly for having a bad rap for being hot and cold, indecisive, and having two sides to them. Though the song was meant to feel fun and lighthearted and of course not everyone fits those generalizations…on a more serious note, GEMINI became a song where I finally recognized what toxicity I kept allowing in my life-the first step of waking up in any self discovery journey. I later found out my "rising sign" is Gemini too, which has since made the song slightly comical and full circle! Production wise, I wrote and recorded the song in Nashville but it was taken on its own journey. I went to Thailand where I spent some time recording/mixing some songs at a studio compound there, but it then went back to Nashville and LA where it was reconstructed for a third time. It was important to me that the theme was strong not just lyrically but overall, so the verses are more minimal and the chorus is intentionally more more intense to play on the contrast of the two sides!" - Chloé Caroline

Stream the Song Here!

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