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Book Feature: Nadine Condon "Confessions: Stories To Rock Your Soul"

I have been fortunate to become close friends with some extraordinary people in my music business career. I met Nadine Condon way back in the 70's when I was at RCA Records and we were promoting Jefferson Starship. Nadine was the point person for the band and took care of all the needs of the label when it came to the band. Nadine was the best ever at this job and she was truly loved by all of us at RCA. Our relationship began again when I moved to Island Records and Nadine was brought on board by management to work with Melissa Etheridge and once again Nadine was there for all our needs. Nadine worked in San Francisco at a time when the music scene there was exploding and to call her the Godmother of Rock is an apt description...Nadine was in the center of it all. Here is the essence of Nadine: fast forward many years...she had left the business to work in the world of hospice. We stayed in touch and then one day I was in a situation with my step dad where I had nowhere to turn...called Nadine and within a couple of hours she had everything for his hospice needs under control. A true friend for so many years....from backstage passes to hospice needs...a truly remarkable woman. We are proud to highlight her new book. - Bob

"Thirty years working with rock music legends like Jefferson Starship and Grace Slick culminated in Nadine's Wild Weekend 4-day music festival in San Francisco. Why then, did Nadine, the "Godmother of Rock," leave the exciting music business to pursue an anonymous career in hospice? What compelling forces drove her to confront the past, family loss, and vexing life questions? These captivating insider stories reveal a journey unlike any other. Condon tells all in this intimate memoir. Winner, "Best Unpublished Manuscript."-Hollywood Book Festival 2020, now out on McCaa Books." "Sex, drugs, rock and roll, miracles, family, devastation, trauma, a Raiders Super Bowl ring, hospice work, love and loss, God, ruefulness, insight, faith, lack of faith and characters straight out of a Dickens novel populate her moving reflections. If you like "behind the scenes" music stories or if you struggle with personal challenges, loss, and questions of spirituality, then you will enjoy this highly entertaining, very personal book."

To purchase this book go to either her website: or Amazon here!

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