Calling All Genres

The weather is warming up and businesses are filling up with customers. Restaurants, big box stores, malls, service industries, and retail outlets are all experiencing more traffic as summer approaches. We've been tasked to reach out to the music community and let you know what kind of songs our programmers need to help populate their summer playlists. As in most cases in the music industry, top 40/pop music is king. The vast majority of retail outlets are looking for upbeat pop tracks. However, we also need songs from several other genres to help freshen up the summertime, in-store music experience. Here's a look at some of the stuff we're looking for.

Country Music: We need pop-leaning country songs to play in restaurants and big box stores. Not looking for the twangy stuff, but good, upbeat country songs, with energy and big hooks, perfect for places on the water and all across the country.

Dance/EDM: This fits perfectly in younger-end retail outlets. The kind of stuff that will keep girls in a good mood while they try on that armful of fun dresses they, are trying on for this summer's fun events.

Adult top 40: This is perfect for a variety of different phone stores, malls, restaurants, and grocery chains. Upbeat but not too in our face to turn folks off.

Pop Alternative: This is great for a wide variety of retailers and grocery stores. Again, nothing too in your face, but something that will have a mass appeal and mix with early pop alternative favorites from the past that continue to play in retailers now.

Indie: We have a fairly large number of outlets that are looking for lesser-known music from indie artists, the kind of stuff you may not necessarily hear everywhere else. This is an exciting opportunity for indie artists who may find it difficult to find places to get their music played.

Jazz: We have several health service industry-type locations, chiropractors, massage places, medical labs, ETC. , that are looking for instrumental music.

Latin pop: We're looking for songs to help spice up the top 40 and dance playlists, and Latin pop fits that bill perfectly.

These are just a few of the examples of what we're asking for. If your music fits any of these, we are looking for YOU. Hurry up and submit your song today to What's In-Store Music so you can get it playing in these places ahead of Memorial Day and all through the rest of the summer.

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