Christmas Shopping Has Started!!!

We've been telling you for weeks that consumers planned on starting their holiday shopping early. We can re-run stats and figures for you, but we don't need to do that. You can already see it for yourself, just walk into a mall. This is great for holiday clients who are participating in the 6th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Program, but it's also a bonus for artists who want to get their first quarter priorities in the system and warmed before the new year. Put quite plainly, there really is no better time than RIGHT NOW to A) submit your holiday releases and get them playing ASAP while consumers are filling the stores and B) Go ahead and submit your non holiday priorities. You'll both be benefitting from the same enormous influx of in store traffic. Want more info on the holiday program? Hit the blue link. Ready to go ahead and submit your song? Hit the red one, then get out and get shopping. The holiday deals are already starting!!!

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