Christmas Shopping Season Is Coming Quicker Than We Thought.

According to an article published September 17th on…

"Amid product shortages, delivery delays, and continued social distancing protocols, 31% of U.S. consumers say they'll begin shopping for the holidays before the end of October - well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals launch. Additionally, one in four consumers (24%) are planning to spend more on Christmas this year than in 2020, and at least 40% have plans to travel before the end of the year, which could further spur Q4 spending."

What does this mean for you? It means if you hope to have your Christmas release playing overhead when the first holiday shoppers set foot in the stores, you're going to want take part in the 6th Annual What's In-Store Music Holiday Program and soon. Submitting your song with us guarantees it will be given priority status by the programmers, insuring it gets the maximum exposure possible throughout the season. To learn More about it, check out our holiday deck for more details, and if you're ready, go ahead and submit your song today!

Read the Jungle Scout Full Article Here!

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