Good Things Happen when you submit with What’s In-Store Music!!!

Recently we shared the amazing story of indie artist Thad Cockrell whose song “Swingin’“ wound up on the top of the iTUNES singles chart all because The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon SHAZAMED the song while in a hardware store and invited him to perform it live! That’s just ONE cool example of what can happen when your song is playing overhead in stores. This week we’d like to share another great story with you. This one comes to us out of Chicago from one of our favorite indie clients Danielle Juhre. Here’s Danielle’s manager, John Weston, to tell us all what happened:

"Danielle had a publishing company reach out over the weekend because they heard her single "You & I" in a grocery store. The same publishing company originally reached out a year ago, but hearing her song in a grocery store manufactured new interest. Thank you for making that happen!" - John

Just like that, they heard her song in a grocery store, and they reached out to her. If John hadn’t submitted “You & I” and had it playing in stores, odds are that call is never made. We will keep you posted as to how this story progresses but it’s just another great example of what can happen when you submit a song with us. If you have a song you’d like played in stores across the country, then What’s In-Store Music is a great place to start. As you can see…Good Things Happen!!!

Check out the official video for Danielle Juhre – “You & I” then listen for it playing overhead in stores everywhere!!!

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