Happy 4th of July From What's In-Store Music!!!

As everyone heads into the holiday weekend, we want to wish you and your family a very happy and safe 4th of July!!! Don't forget while you're out, to keep Shazam handy as What's In-Store Music artists will be playing overhead everywhere!!! The grocery store? Keep it handy. The mall? keep it handy. The ice cream shop, phone stores, restaurants, big-box stores, clothing stores, hotels, you name it, our clients will be playing overhead in it. Even with inflation and gas prices being what they are, millions of Americans are expected to be out, traveling, and enjoying themselves in public spaces. If you have something new you'd like to submit in advance of this busy long weekend, you can do it right HERE.

Also, 4th of July Fireworks Pro Tip: If the guy lighting the fuse suddenly gets up and runs, you should run too!!! Stay safe and have a great holiday!!!

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