Independent Label Success Stories from What's In-Store Music

What's In-Store Music has a long history of supporting Independent label artists. These artists face a tough task at breaking through at radio and our support is instrumental in creating massive impressions to help build familiarity and metrics that assist in their campaigns. This week we wanted to highlight three examples of projects we have been a part of from day one where our plays have had a positive impact in helping all three of the songs become Top 40 radio charting hits:

"Don't Lose Sight" from Lawrence on Beautiful Mind Records has been in our system since May of 2021 and was a #1 track for us. We've been following the radio and artist development story run by Dan Pearson at Lakeside Management Group closely and have maintained our support as the song developed behind a strong touring story and a boost from being a part of the Microsoft Surface campaign. The song debuts at #39 on the Billboard & Mediabase Top 40 charts with no signs of slowing down and is now over 20 million streams. The band also played Coachella and will be live on Jimmy Kimmel this week.

"Checkmate" from Jena Rose on Gem Street Music was added in February and the label called right away to let us know that our plays had a big impact on the Shazam story!! The streaming story on this is in the tens of millions overall and the radio campaign led by our pal Anthony Iovino was relentless and brought the song into the Top 40 at radio. This is #13 on our current chart with over 60k plays a week.

"Dress" from Charlotte Sands on CS Records/ PIVTL Projects is another February submission from Lakeside Management Group’s, Dan Pearson. The song was a most added upon impact at Top 40 and is charted at #44 plus is over 25 million Global streams as of this story. This song is currently #12 on our chart with over 60k plays a week and had a 52% increase in Shazams this week.

Breaking Now: Another of our long term projects "this is what falling in love feels like" from JVKE on AWAL is off to a most added start at Top 40 radio!

Want to be part of these kind of success stories...just submit your song here:

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