It Takes a Village

Part 1

Fred Croshal and Croshal Entertainment Group

We mentioned last week in our lead story, that to work a song successfully, takes a village. No one driver gets the job done. It takes all elements of promotion and marketing, to work together to create impressions and awareness. Each week for the next few weeks we will introduce you to several companies that believe in that principle and work hard to achieve it. In our first installment, we highlight Croshal Entertainment Group. We've worked on projects with CEG and its founder, our good friend, Fred Croshal, since the inception of What's In-Store Music, seven and a half years ago. Fred's unique ability to lead people and bring them together as a team, as one, is what's made him one of the most successful music executives in the business. To work with Fred is to work with a consummate professional. His honest and direct approach to working on projects, leaving no stone unturned, has garnered major success stories throughout his career. If you're looking for someone to guide your career through the rough waters of the music industry, then Fred Croshal is your guy and Croshal Entertainment Group is your company. CROSHAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is the premiere music marketing and project management company, that provides infrastructure like any major record labels offer to artists, managers, record labels, and corporate brands. CEG was founded in 2003 by Fred Croshal, a respected music industry executive who served as the GM at Maverick Recording Company, one of the most successful record labels in the past 20 years. CEG has worked with hundreds of labels and artists, coordinating releases in the US and internationally. Label Service CEG's Label services are the industry standard for releasing independent music. They create a record label that belongs to the artist. They help set up distribution and execute a customized marketing campaign that is on par with any major record label release. When an artist uses CEG's label services, they maintain ownership of their music, exert complete control over the marketing of their art and keep all of the profit. They've helped artists sell over 6 million albums independently worldwide. Marketing Consultant They provide a wide range of marketing and consultant services to fit their client's specific needs, including strategy consulting, facilitation of distribution agreements, retail marketing, radio servicing/promotion, sync licensing, social networking, streaming optimization, support marketing for record labels, brands and much more. Artist Management They maintain a very small roster of carefully selected management clients, which allows them to devote comprehensive individual attention to their artists. Their label services capabilities and marketing expertise in every area of the business separate them from most management companies. They help guide, focus, market and manage all of their artists' business, protect their creative/artistic vision and maximize their potential in all areas of their career.

If Fred Croshal and Croshal Entertainment Group sounds like a team you'd like to work with you can find them here: Phone: 818-375-8830

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