It Takes a Village

Part II

PLB Sync

For the second installment of our feature, It Takes a Village, we introduce you to, our friend, Trish Bock, and her company PLB Sync. Here at What's In-Store Music, our mantra has always been, "It's All About Impressions". There are few pieces of a marketing plan that can influence and increase the impressions of a song quite like a well-placed sync. The impact can be felt immediately and in a variety of different areas. Instead of us describing it to you, Here's Trish telling you in her own words, what the company is all about:

PLB Sync Music Licensing Company We formed our company with the idea of supporting our roster of independent and established artists curated around the world to help and support their musical careers, whether it be in song placements for film, TV, advertising, video games, TikTok, and whatever lies next. We love partnering with music supervisors from across the globe, helping to support their creative vision. We are known for our diversity of artists and music which gives us the ability to land the perfect music placement efficiently. We work hand in hand with our respected composers along with music supervisors creating bespoke content for specific projects. We are a team of 4 established industry executives having all met early on in our careers from KIIS-FM to Epic Records and Live Nation, to Michael Jackson, MJJ MUSIC, Jive Records, and physical film production and development. We are known as a ONE-STOP shop trusted by our peers and our artists.

To learn more about PLB SYNC, check them out HERE.

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