It Takes a Village

Part III

JBoulos Music

In this week's installment of It Takes A Village, we highlight Industry veteran, John Boulos, and his new consultancy firm, JBoulos Music. What's In-Store Music's Bob Catania and John have a 40+ year relationship that dates all the way back to their early days as local promotion reps, so Bob knows better than most the brilliant career that John has put together since then. John has served as a Senior promotion executive for labels such as Virgin; Epic; Capitol; WB and Atlantic Records plus the relaunch of Arista. The secret to John's success was his ability to always be one step ahead of the curve, focus on where the business was headed, and never just do whatever the norm was at the time. (It's that forward-thinking that made John one of the first supporters of What's In-Store Music, and for that we are grateful). It is no surprise that John's new venture JBoulos Music continues that forward-thinking. John will use his talents to offer a broader consulting overview to projects and labels to ensure they have a modern and strategic game plan in place. He is also working with labels on training new executives, an art form that has been lost over the years. We can't say enough about John…the executive and the person…a rare talent that is available via his new company.

"After spending 45 years at 13 labels it dawned on me that I wanted to create the kind of business that took the things I loved that I thought would be the most beneficial and helping grow a business that I love. Putting together Jboulosmusic LLC encompasses a few different aspects of what those viewpoints are. First and foremost the thing I love the most and that I would love to do the more of is to mentor and coach great young growing executives in the business. As of now I have five different clients I am working with and I know they have felt that they have seen results. Me helping them learn how to get around the obstacles and manage up as well as down. The other part of what JBoulos Music is doing is helping with overall strategies for marketing companies and management companies so that they don't get caught up in the game of chasing songs for the benefit of looking good on the chart but for the benefit of the long-term growth and success for both their companies and their artists careers. I feel what I am trying to offer up is a voice of reason, a voice of rational strategic viewpoints and a voice with many years of watching too many people do it what I feel is the wrong way for the wrong reasons As I grow the company I would love to continue to grow in these areas. At the moment I am also helping consult Pat Magnarella and his staple of young artists as well as the release of his superstar group the Google Dolls. The business that I lived for throughout my whole adult life is something I wake up every day loving and passionate about but I knew it was time to get away from the bullshit aspects of it and utilize my knowledge to help other people become stronger. I can always be reached at or via Instagram and Twitter @JboulosMusic."

To learn more about JBoulos Music, click HERE.

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