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Sam Kaiser
MVP Entertainment

"As a young man just entering college, I quit my well-paying union job at a St. Louis grocery store chain. When I announced my intention to pursue a career in the music business. My family, obviously concerned, organized a "career intervention" of sorts and advised me that if this rock n roll pipe dream didn't work out - they could always get me a job as a UPS driver" - Sam Kaiser

As it turns out, that rock-n-roll pipe dream worked out just fine and UPS's loss was the music industry's gain! Sam left that grocery store and went on to work for the likes of Atlantic Records, MCA/Universal, Capital/EMI, as well as two years of programming at MTV Networks. Throughout his career, Sam was instrumental in promoting some of the biggest acts in the business; Emerson, Lake & Palmer, The Rolling Stones, Genesis, Peter Gabriel, Foreigner, Yes, and AC/DC to name a few!!! Since leaving the label system in 1991, Sam has owned and operated MVP Entertainment. Sam was very early and continues to be a wonderful supporter of What's In-Store Music, recognizing immediately, the value of overhead music. Over the years we've worked on several projects together and it's been nothing but a pleasure. Sam is a true professional who loves what he does and has a lot of fun doing it. Here's Sam to tell us a little bit about his company: "MVP Entertainment specializes in U.S. national music promotion and marketing campaigns Including terrestrial and satellite radio, network/syndicated programming, key digital and streaming platforms. We also offer overall label services along with consulting on artist development, music publishing, and related areas. I believe we excel by carefully listening to our clients, taking a detailed approach to evaluating their objectives, and working diligently to develop effective strategies. Our very real superpower is a relentless work ethic, commitment, and total professionalism."

If MVP Entertainment sounds like a company you'd like to work with and you want to learn more, click HERE!

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