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In this week's edition of It Takes A Village, we are checking in with musical artist and entrepreneur, Tyler Boone and his company Artist Formula. Any artist who reads this and is in search of that elusive little blue check by your name on your social accounts is going to want to get to know Tyler. An accomplished guitar player, and when we say accomplished, we mean this guy shreds, Tyler started his musical career at the ripe old age of 16. By the time he was 18 he was performing as a solo artist, opening for such acts as Sheryl Crow, Sublime with Rome, the Avett Brothers, The Revivalists, Robert Randolph, Donovan Woods, and many more. As an artist, He learned the ins and outs of promoting himself and in 2012, he took that knowledge and opened Artist Formula. Since then, he has been in the major label services business, working with Capitol Records, Warner Music, Sony BMG, and many more. He has also used his skills, drive, and know-how to help indie artist build their profiles across multiple platforms. Artist Formula's list of services is something every single indie artist could benefit from.

Artist Formula Record Group specializes in: 1) Spotify Growth 2) Instagram Growth - IG Story Viewing (a program that grows IG profiles by "watching the stories of the followers of the accounts you want to be related to" 3) YouTube Growth 4) Verification for all social media - Insta, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter 5) TikTok Growth (only for musicians) 6) Insta Reels Growth (only for musicians) 7) Label Advances 8) Music Distribution Tyler is not only a music industry wiz, but he is also the proud owner of multi-award-winning, Boone's Bourbon If you're interested in reaching Tyler to help you build your brand, or if you're looking for a premium bottle of bourbon, you can find him here:

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