It Takes A Village Jeffery David

This week's "It Takes A Village" highlights Jeffery David, owner of Cranberry Music Group, where his skills as a producer; songwriter; and manager helped guide the career of Echosmith ….a band comprised of his children, plus a wide variety of other artists. Jeffery recently launched a new label, Coeur D'Alene Records and his first signing is Gabriella Rose with her single "Deadbeat Disco" which has started playing overhead in retailers via What's In-Store Music. Check out the Gabriella Behind The Song feature this week for more about her single. Jeffery David's songwriting and record production for artists like Echosmith, Seal, Audien, Mat Kearney, Sheppard and so many more including his newest signing Gabriella Rose seems to always center around what he describes as a magical voice from a timeless artist. His touch with songs seems to always leave room to let the singer really have the space to roam. Less is more that's for sure. "I'm obsessed with the voice of an artist. I'm looking for that 1 in 10 million singer where I can listen to their album in the middle of the night and just get lost in the art of it all." Jeffery talks about the game plan for Gabriella: "We are releasing singles every few months and every song has lots underneath it from a music video to song stories, personal parts of her life that give new fans a chance to fall in love with who and what Gabriella does. In 2022 artists have a chance to easily connect with people through social media. It's so impressive to see what people do creatively to engage. It can be a challenge but when artists embrace that they get to reach their fans directly and that they are truly on this journey together it can click in beautiful ways. The hope is to build the audience to a great point in the summer of 2023 or fall and release the rest of the album. We plan on Gabriella touring as much as possible in 2023 as well."

Jeffery is a multi-talented entrepreneur who can help with all facets of an artist's career. For more information on him and his company follow him HERE!

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