Jack Skellington & Sally are here to remind you…

The 6th Annual What's In- Store Music Holiday Program will be kicking off soon!!! The day after Halloween all the scary displays come down and the Christmas trees go up, signaling the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. Those displays wouldn't be complete with out a little Christmas music playing overhead to put folks in the mood. That's right, you heard us, THE DAY AFTER HALLOWEEN, that's when several retailers flip the switch and begin including holiday music with their regular programming. Each week that passes, the amount of holiday programming increases and increases until the week of Thanksgiving when most places go one hundred percent Christmas music!!! Are you ready for that? Is your holiday song completed? Perfect, that's step one. Step two is to make sure it's ready to go when the first holiday shoppers walk through the doors on November first. To do THAT you need to submit your song HERE. (Check out our Holiday deck for details)

Check out our Holiday Deck Here!
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