Lakeside Entertainment, scores 2 Indie Acts On Both The Mediabase and Billboard top 40 charts!!!

Congratulations to Dan Pearson and our friends over at Lakeside Entertainment for the remarkable accomplishment of charting not one but TWO indie artists on both the Mediabase and Billboard Top 40 charts last week. The debut of Charlotte Sands and her song "Dress" (Mediabase 39*), (Billboard 40*) joining their other indie client, Lawrence, with "Don't Lose Sight" (35* on both charts), made it so. It's not often a company holds as much real estate on the top 40 charts with independent artists, as their major-label competitors do, but here we are.

"We know how much time, work, and passion goes into these projects and how it takes a village to have this level of success. It would not be possible without our friends and partners at radio and throughout the industry. Your continued support truly means the world to us and we appreciate you being part of these special independent artist development stories! Breakdown and chart here below. Thank you!!"- Dan Pearson

If you're a top 40 programmer and you haven't checked these two terrific acts out yet, it's probably time to give them a listen. Also, make sure to SHAZAM handy while you are out in a store or restaurant because along with all the radio airplay they are garnering, both songs are also playing overhead in retailers across the country as well.

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