Look Who Turns 6 This Year!!!

Boy, time flies. It seems like only yesterday we submitted our first song (Family of The Year - Hero) as What's In-Store Music. So Much has happened since then. For starters, our programming partners Retail Radio merged with Spectrio increasing the store fronts they service from 19,000 to more than 100,000, instantly making them one of the largest in store music providers in the country. That prompted a contract extension with What's In- Store Music, making us the exclusive music industry contact for the combined companies. Shortly after that we partnered with Joel Denver to publish the What's In-Store Music Charts exclusively on AllAccess.com. Our Holiday Music Program has become an annual favorite, creating more than 18 Million in store plays for clients last season alone!

We've placed thousands of songs for hundreds of artists, both major label and indie, amassing hundreds of millions of in store plays for our clients and it's been a very rewarding experience. It's always a pleasure meeting artists and listening as they share stories of their fans reaching out to them, through videos, texts and social media posts, singing along as they hear a song in a store or restaurant. The best part of the job though, hands down, has been meeting and working with all of you. We have the best clients in the world. We appreciate each-and-every one of you and thank you for all your support. For our birthday, in leu of gifts we will gladly accept music submissions right HERE.

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