Lyrics for In Store Play… keep 'em clean will ya?

From time to time, we like to remind clients and potential clients, what kind of music we're looking for. Let's start by saying, we're looking for all kinds of songs, top 40, Jazz, Country, Alternative, Soul, Christian and more. There are all kinds of different retail environments that require all types of music. Historically, we've found, the more upbeat and positive the better in most cases. Retailers are looking for music that helps create a positive experience for their customers, keeping them engaged, in the stores longer and spending more. In most environments we need to take it one step further, we need to make sure the content is clean. Picture a young mom in a grocery store, pushing a stroller with a toddler in tow. We can't have songs filled with overt drug and alcohol references or sexual innuendo playing overhead. That could potentially create an extremely uncomfortable environment. We're trying to avoid that. Not all alcohol references are created equal, let's face it, if a country song doesn't mention drinking a cold one, is it really a country song? We get that. The programmers get that, and they schedule songs accordingly. When submitting your priority music, our request is pretty simple, Please, keep it clean.

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