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The Pink Floyd Exhibition

(Their Mortal Remains)

At The Vogue Multicultural Museum, Hollywood, CA

This week it was, What's In-Store Music's, Scott Emerson who was Out & About, taking in the Pink Floyd Exhibition, (Their Mortal Remains) at the Vogue Multicultural Museum, in Hollywood. The show, which runs through January 9, 2022, is an in depth look at the history of one of the world's premiere rock and roll bands. From their early beginnings as school mates to holding the record for most weeks on the Billboard charts (950 weeks, Dark Side of the Moon), and beyond, it's full of photographs, artifacts, and interviews that not only Floyd fans will love, but music fans in general will appreciate as well. Bottom line, if you can make the time to see the show, you should do it. The only question left unanswered after viewing the entire exhibit…which one's Pink?

For information and tickets look no farther than right HERE!

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