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Pictured (L to R) Bob Catania, Rich Meyer, Lil' Olivia, and Scott Emerson.

Last week when we went over to Rich Meyer's office, we were on a mission. Rich, best known as the creator of Mediabase and Monday Morning Intel, was going to try to help us take the information we already have and add impressions to it. So along with original Retail Radio owner Shawn Cash, (not pictured), we closed the door and vowed not to leave until we had it all worked out. The fruits of that labor can now be seen on the What's In-Store Music Charts. Now when you look at the charts you will see (L to R): Spins Last Week, Spins This Week, Locations, and Impressions. The What's In-Store Music Charts are available exclusively on go check em out.

View the Charts Here!

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