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for King & Country have had tremendous success with What's In-Store Music with close to 550,000 in store plays of, their unique makeover of "Little Drummer Boy", and a #1 song with "Together" featuring Kirk Franklin & Tori Kelly . The guys are back, with their current single "AMEN",which is climbing our chart quickly. Curb Records has done an incredible job of marketing this band, expanding the fan base beyond the Christian world, through successful campaigns at the pop radio formats and a relentless outreach to their fans. The pandemic kept everyone off the road in 2020. This, however, didn't keep for King & Country from staying connected to their fans with multiple drive-in concert dates. We are thrilled to share this link to what is sure to be an exciting LIVESTREAM event on May 22nd. The performance comes just one day before the Billboard Music Awards where they are nominated for Top Christian Artist and Top Christian Song!!! While we're here, check out their Deluxe album package; live concert movie; and tour dates. If there was ever a band that captured the spirit of Out & About, it's for King & Country.

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