Out & About: Pablo Cruise

Pablo Cruise has been a staple on the road for many years performing their classic hits and new songs like "Breathe", which is a big song for us, to a huge fanbase. The pandemic has taken them off the road but they are getting ready to get back out in a big way. The following event is a first step back to the world of live shows: Pablo Cruise is super excited to be playing this incredibly unique concert venue. The Dream Inn is a beautiful hotel situated on the beach in Santa Cruz, CA.... It is a 10 story hotel with 120 rooms all facing the ocean and the pool. All those attending will be watching the show from their balconies with Pablo Cruise performing below at the swimming pool... This has to be the epitome in social distancing....Currently the show is sold out, but there is a waiting list, so you might want to check it out....We're just thrilled to be back out playing live again.

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