Out & About: With Danielle Juhre

(Pictured L-R: Bob Catania, Danielle Juhre, Chloe Copoloff - S10 Entertainment, Scott Emerson)

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you our client and one of the most talented singers we've heard in a while, Danielle Juhre. Her single "You and I" has been a staple in the What's In-Store Music program for several months now averaging more than 35,000 in store plays a week!!! Despite being an independent artist and the limitations that go along with that, Danielle is also achieving international radio success with her current single "Burning". Tucked between her busy schedule of business meetings and writing sessions, we were able to catch up with Danielle at a West Hollywood favorite, the legendary Mel's Drive-In. Note to all record label executives reading this right now searching for the next big star, do yourself a favor and check out Danielle on Spotify and tell us if she doesn't sound EXACTLY LIKE another multiplatinum superstar that you already know and love….(think "rolling in the deep and "hello")

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