Out & About with Danielle Juhre

Sinnissippi Music Shell, Rockford IL. 6/23/22

June 23'rd was a busy day for one of our favorite What's In-Store Music artists, Danielle Juhre! It started off bright and early with an appearance to promote the evening on the Matt & Chelsea Morning Show at B103 in Rockford, IL. Later it was off to sound check and then the main event, a live performance at the Sinnissippi Music Shell. The 1200 + audience was treated to a wonderful evening of music including the crowd-pleaser "Burning" and the international hit "You & I", which was instantly made famous when it appeared prominently on the reality show Love Island in both the US and the UK. Keep Shazam handy, as you can hear "You & I" playing overhead in stores everywhere. While we have you here, now would be a good time to let you know, that Danielle has exciting new music coming in three weeks!

For more on Danielle, check out her website HERE!

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