Out & About With Kayden

We are proud to be an early supporter of Kayden's career and look forward to more musical projects from her. Pictured are Scott & Bob with Kayden (and her little dog too), from her visit.

In January of 2019, our friend and artist manager John Weston introduced What's In-Store Music to a new, young, artist he had just started working with named Kayden. He submitted a song that she had just released called "Kiss Kiss Baby" which quickly climbed the What's In-Store Music charts, settling into the top ten. During one of their business trips to L.A., we had a chance to sit down with her at a local diner. She was a real firecracker, at one point, to everyone's surprise, jumping, on a piano in the corner of the restaurant and serenading the entire room. The place erupted with applause when she was through. It was really something. During that visit, we learned that not only was Kayden a singer but was also working on an acting career. Over the past couple of years, Kayden has had several auditions for Disney and recently landed a role in a new Disney Channel show called "The Villains of Valley View", which debuts Friday, June 3rd. Last week the show and her role in it were officially announced, and we could not be more thrilled for her. Check out the link to the press release here!

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