Out & About with Mike Marrone

Way back in the 1980's I lived in Little Silver NJ and discovered one of the greatest radio stations I would ever promote had signed on and was about 20 minutes from where I lived. The station was WHTG and it quickly became a regular stop on my way home with a batch of new Island Records releases. The staff there were all insane music junkies and their impact on the business is legendary, One of those "future legends" was Mike Marrone. His love of music was clear from day one and we hit it off immediately. I like to think it was my winning personality but I suspect it may have been the fact that Island had the new Julian Cope record coming out that cemented the relationship😊 Mike's career after WHTG took him many places and he is best know as the creator and long time host of The Loft…exposing an incredible array of music for many years. Mike was also a major collector and like many of us in the "downsizing" phase of life, is now selling off his collection. He has set up a site through Discogs.com where you can access his collection and buy music. I encourage you to visit the site…if he doesn't have it, it doesn't exist!! This is not only a place to buy music but an historic collection that is worth visiting online. We are also including a link to Mike's website where you can check out episodes of Mike's Basement….and also has links to amazing rock artifacts…a truly remarkable site.

- Bob

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