Out & About with The Americans

September 1st, The Peppermint Club, Los Angeles

This Week's Out & About features What's In-Store Music artist The Americans. We caught the band at their September 1st performance at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles. To say we were blown away would be a gross understatement. Although we like their recorded material, it didn't even remotely prepare us for what we were about to witness. First of all, their fanbase really showed up for this one. The place was packed, with hardly any room to stand. The guy's energy rose to the occasion, to the delight of everyone in the room, with many singing along to every song, including "Stand True", which is currently playing overhead in thousands of retailers across the country. The band was as tight as a drum and the musicianship was outstanding, a truly must-see live act. If they come to a town near you, don't sleep, get a ticket, and go. Thanks to our friends at Lakeside Entertainment Group for turning us on to this terrific act.

For more on The Americans, use the link HERE!

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