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Executive Profile: Ralph Tashjian and Tod Turner

This week's Executive Profile spotlights two companies that are the result of the efforts of two great executives: Ralph Tashjian and Tod Turner. These companies are Digital Music Universe and Intercept Music, both designed to help independent artists compete on a level playing field in today’s music business.

Tell us about DMU and how it helps artists and bands?

DMU gives the power of distribution directly to the bands and musicians who are making the music. It's been an open secret in the industry that the traditional label-artist relationship heavily favors the label. DMU was created by music-industry insiders with decades of knowledge in the business to finally give artists their due, from day one. For a simple, flat fee, musicians gain access to all the major digital music retailers, and keep 100% of their rights and earned revenue.

Intercept Music is another service you offer. How is this different from DMU?

Intercept Music is a software suite created to help artists market their music to a wide audience. Based on real-world best practices by musicians, the Intercept Music platform features powerful tools to define audiences, schedule and publish messaging, and measure results, quickly and simply. This lets musicians grow their fan base in less time, giving them more freedom to create their art. What brought your two companies together ?

It was pretty incredible that both DMU and Intercept Music were developed independently, but share the exact same mission: to help bands and musicians take control of their work. Each product is very powerful on its own, and once we learned what the other was doing, it made all the sense in the world to be partners in this mission. Together, we present artists with a comprehensive way for artists to distribute and promote their music, and grow their audiences and fanbase.

Can you briefly describe how the artist marketing services work?

Intercept Music's artist marketing software tools automate virtually all of an artist's digital marketing, including social media. The app has a sophisticated posting and scheduling engine, a reporting dashboard and fan-building tools for platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Together, these tools help artists precisely segment audiences, publish messages to their audiences and measure the results to determine the best communication plan, driving the most listens and music sales.

What level of commitment is needed by the artist to get the maximum results from these platforms?

We automate the process, but the artist still has to review and understand the data, and keep putting out quality music, news and information. Once a new song is available through DMU, it's available everywhere, and then the artist can let everyone know about it. You select images, videos and content to share over time. We provide a full set of information including the most successful posts, most listens per track, and recommended new groups, influencers and DJs to follow; the artist can then view this data to continually refine their marketing methods. It's a continuous feedback cycle with the ultimate result being more "direct hits" to new audiences that are more likely to stream their music, purchase their merchandise, or attend their performances.

Learn more at: and Pictured l-r: Bob Catania, Tod Turner, Ralph Tashjian and Scott Emerson.

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