Shopping Malls Are Back In Business With New Safety Measures

Following a devastating year for people and industries alike, 2021 has been a series of baby steps in terms of people getting back out and back to what is known as "The New Normal". I big part of feeling normal is the reopening of businesses. It started with essential businesses only, grocery stores, pharmacies, and the like. Restaurants were delivery only, then pick up was aloud, then outdoor dining and now finally indoor dining. Lots of businesses are up and running again, help wanted signs are everywhere. For millions of Americans the definition of "stores being opened" means malls being opened. For those folks, we are pleased to share this link from the travel publication LEISURE Group Travel: Shopping Malls Are Back In Business With New Safety Measures

"With Shopping such an important part of group travel programs, tour organizers are pleased with the news of shopping mall reopening's and protocols to keep their clients safe."

There it is folks, the last hurdle in terms of the perception of things opening. Anyone hesitating to submit a song for in store play because "stores aren't opened", hesitate no more. People are heading out in numbers we haven't seen in more than a year. Music is playing overhead everywhere greeting them. Is it YOUR music? If not, why not? Submit your new priority song with What's In-Store Music today and get it out there for your audience to hear all summer long!!!

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