Spring Break Is Almost Here…are you ready for it?

People often laugh at us when we start promoting Christmas music in July for our holiday program. They tend to be the same folks who hit us up heading in to the second week in December asking if it's too late to submit their song. We mention stuff early is to make sure you're prepared with your music when the time comes. In this case, it's Spring Break that's on the horizon. In April millions of people will be on vacation for Spring Break, which means in March they will begin shopping for all the new stuff they're gonna bring with them, bathing suits, coolers, recreational items, etc. Got a priority song coming out? Well, if you want it playing overhead while stores and restaurants begin filling up with March shoppers and April vacationers, now is the time to get it going. The best way to do that is to submit your song with What's In-Store Music today!!!

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