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Suddenly It's Real

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As long-time music industry promotion men, we've had the pleasure of being with artists when they heard their songs on the radio for the first time. It is such a magical moment for them, and it's a thrill for us every time it happens. They know their song is being promoted, and they know it's being played in different cities but suddenly it's real when they actually hear it themselves. Ever since we started What's In-Store Music almost eight years ago, that thrill has shifted. For many of our clients hearing their song happens, not on the radio, but in a store. That happened recently to our client, Reviver Music artist, Ian Flanigan when he heard his song "Last Name On It", loud and clear in a recent visit to a Walgreens! Ian's song is being played on the radio, but it was still a thrill to hear it in a store for the first time. For many clients, a radio campaign is an expense they can't afford, and the only way they have a chance of hearing their song playing in public is in a retailer. A What's In-Store Music campaign is the most affordable way to have your song heard in public in cities across the country, including ones where you have no radio airplay whatsoever. Submit your song today!

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