Out and About: Sultan + Shepard and Nadia Ali

Scott & Bob were thrilled to find out that Nadia Ali and her pals Sultan + Shepard are neighbors in the Valley so they headed out to meet them for lunch. “Almost Home” is a collaboration between the three and one of What’s In-Store Music’s biggest hits ever. Over lunch, we learned so much about this talented trio who came from a wide and varied background to become major stars in the EDM world. Sultan + Shepard are hard at work on new music and always busy on a variety of projects. What’s In-Store Music is also having great success with Nadia’s project HYLLS. The first single, her remake of Linger is one of our top played tracks.

For more information, visit:

Sultan + Shepard: www.sultanshepard.com HYLLS: www.facebook.com/HYLLSMUSIC Behind Scott and Bob are (Pictured L to R): Ned Shepard, Nadia Ali and Sultan.

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