Summer Sales Put Shoppers in Stores and What's In-Store Music is There!

We hope you all had a happy and safe 4th of July. As you were out and about did you notice? The sales, did you notice? Shops and malls across the country had 4th of July sales going on. Summer is the season for sales, Memorial Day sales, 4th of July sales, and before you know it, Labor Day sales and back-to-school sales. All of them are geared to entice shoppers into their establishments with big money-saving opportunities. While folks are out shopping, they're filling up their cars with gas, they're eating in restaurants, they're treating themselves at ice cream shops, and more. All of these activities have one thing in common, there's music playing overhead absolutely everywhere you go, more specifically, What's In-Store Music is playing overhead everywhere you go. Millions of people are hearing our clients every day across the country, armed with their wallets and their phones. While standing in line to pay their tab or make their purchase, music is playing overhead, providing the perfect opportunity to SHAZAM a song. Perhaps it'll be YOUR song. To make sure you're taking advantage of this summer sale traffic, submit your song with What's In-Store Music today!

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