The NFL Season Starts Next Week!!! Time To Start That Grocery List

The 2023 NFL season kicks off next Thursday, with the Buffalo Bills facing off against the defending Superbowl Champion Los Angeles Rams!!! This isn't just any game, this is opening night, which means millions of football fans across the country have already started their shopping list and will be flooding stores, starting this weekend to stock up on everything they need for the big game. If your friends are like ours, this means serious business, they're gonna be filling up their carts to the brim with, chips, dips, wings, drinks, chili, meat, meat, and more meat. This isn't some, quicky shopping trip, they're gonna be in there for a bit. While they're in there stocking up on all their favorites, What's In-Store Music artists will be playing overhead. Will your song be one of the ones they hear? The only way to ensure that is to make sure you've submitted it with us, which you can do right HERE!!!

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