The Passing of an Industry Legend…Claire Parr

Scott and I were saddened to hear the news of the passing of Claire Parr. Claire was a giant in the industry…from her days as a Promotion Executive at Geffen; owner of The Navigator Company; co-creating Live In The Vineyard …to her days as an entrepreneur making hats. I knew Claire from her days at Geffen but we really connected during my time at Curb Records. Claire not only opened the door for me with the Head of Promotion job but worked along side me as a trusted consultant on many of the projects there. I had an inside view of this force of nature…her relationships with radio; management and artists were second to none. Claire was always there to help when I would encounter a tough situation with a solution. She never stopped innovating and co-creating Live In The Vineyard was a natural evolution in her quest to connect the artists and radio. She started her passion project of making hats even though her health problems were becoming overwhelming but as always, Claire turned that passion into a success despite those problems. The industry has lost a great friend; a brilliant promotion executive; an innovator; and the thing she was proudest of….being a great mother to Elijah!! RIP Claire…you are already missed.

- Bob

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