The Right Music Matters

We've been saying this for years now. It's not about the format of the music but the environment you're trying to achieve for your business. Our Programming partners at Spectrio understand this. As the exclusive liaison between the company and the music industry, What's In-Store Music has been tasked with discovering and presenting them with the best and widest variety of music possible to meet their needs. Pop music, alternative, adult contemporary, country, Dance, Jazz, with more than 40,000 store fronts to fill with music, the search is endless. Each week we present our partners with new product from across the musical spectrum. If you have a song or songs, you'd like considered for in store play all you do is to submit it here and we will take care of the rest.

As an added bonus this week, we've included a recent BLOG from Spectrio which shows their clients what to consider when choosing in store music for their business. It's a fascinating look at the thought process behind what's playing overhead in your store and why. Enjoy.

Are You Playing The Right Background or Overhead Music at Your Commercial Location?

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