"The Rock Podcast" The Only Podcast That Matters

What's In-Store Music wanted to share a great music podcast called "The Rock Podcast", co-hosted by Denny Somach and Anita Gevinson. Bob's friendship with the duo dates back to the late 70's when both were popular radio personalities in Philladelphia. Denny created Denny Somach Productions following his on air days and became one of the most successful producers of syndicated and network programming in the US. He's also a noted rock historian with numerous TV appearances and multiple books to his credit. Anita continued her radio career at several high profile stations in Philadelphia, Boston and LA. This podcast is the culmination of all those years of research into the artists plus personal relationships that give them both incredible insight into so many behind the scene stories. For all things Denny & Anita check out the links below.

Get Denny Somach Books on Amazon Here! Get Anita Gevinson Book on Amazon Here! Listen on Apple Here!

For More on Denny & Anita:

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