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The What's In-Store Music Charts!

Tons of great music has been submitted over the past several weeks, so much so, we felt it was time once again to highlight our charts. The What's In-Store Music Charts: Powered by Spectrio, are available exclusively on These charts are a wonderful representation of how Indie artists and major label stars coexist, playing side by side in retail environments across the country. In store play gives an indie artist the opportunity to be heard in major markets where they would never have traditional radio airplay. At the same time, it's a terrific compliment to artists who do have radio campaigns, providing increased impressions and helping to improve familiarity along the way.

The What's In-Store Music Charts showcase all of this in with five unique platforms The What's In-Store Music Current Chart, combines a wide variety of, indie, pop, alternative and country acts. The Recurrent Chart highlights the amazing music that has appeared in the recent past. The Dance Environment is as the name would suggest, a compilation of different styles off dance music playing in stores. The Year To Date Chart points out the millions of instore plays generated throughout the year and last but not least, the Holiday Chart, which is chock full of Christmas classics, inspired covers and original tunes that fill retailers with holiday spirit each year. Access the charts and all things What's In-Store Music right HERE!

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